PAT Testing


Fixed Wiring Test


AMP Electrical Contractors understand how critical a Fixed Wire Test is to the safety of your employees within the work place as well as ensuring you comply with the current legislation. The IEE Wiring Regulation BS 7671:2008  is the benchmark for the testing process for fixed wires and every Fixed Wire test that we carry out falls completely within these guidelines.  Periodic Inspection Reports and Electrical Installation Condition Reports will be provided on BS Standard forms printed out via our dedicated computer software.


All parts of your distribution system will be inspected to ensure its safety - from the main incoming supply point through to sockets, light fittings and other wiring accessories, including everything in-between.


Our Engineers will identify any defects within the system that could prove to be dangerous, especially those that could lead to a fire or injury. This is done through injected test voltages and current through the system to prove the functionality and integrity of the cables, connections and accessories within it.


P.A.T. Testing


AMP Electrical Contractors understand what is required of your business in order to fall in line with the Duty of Care imposed on your business together with the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) and the UK Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998). We take care of all of your legislative requirements so that you don’t need to worry.


The standard PAT test will visually check for signs of damage to the appliance and the supply cord.  We will test the functionality of the switch, whether the fuse is the correct type and the integrity of the live, neutral and earth wires.


By conducting a thorough check on all of these vital factors, we can provide you will all the documentation you need to prove that your PAT Test was completed properly and effectively, all as part of the cost of our standard service.

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