Electrical Maintenance

AMP Electrical Contractors’ electrical maintenance service is provided by our installation teams and includes planned maintenance on a wide range of electrical switchgear, distribution, cabling and hardware systems. Planned maintenance and periodic testing is a pre-requisite for a number of electrical systems to meet legal legislation, national guidelines and manufacturer warranty conditions.


Ensuring that the electrical systems used in your business are safe and properly maintained is a legal obligation of all businesses and is defined in the Electricity at Work Act 1989. The act also requires that all systems must be maintained by trained and experienced engineers.  Our electrical engineers are qualified to the 17th edition and have the necessary skills to perform first-line electrical maintenance tasks including safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (motors, sensors, heating elements, solenoids, etc.)  in a safe and effective manner.


AMP Electrical Contractors can assist in the development of a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule to both comply with legislative requirements and reduce the number of unplanned shutdowns due to electrical breakdowns. 


Electrical Maintenance  

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